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  • The line chart illustrates how US government spent on different factors of research from 1980 to 2008.
  • Overall, there was an increase in the amount of money invested in health, space, energy, general science projects in the US while national budget allocated on other projects saw a decline. In addition, the fund spent on health factor consistently had the highest figure during the period.
  • The amount of money expended on health projects started at about $8m after which it witnessed a jump and peaked of around $22m in 2004 before ending the period at roughly $18 despite a small fall in the first 5 years. A similar pattern, but to a lesser extent, can be seen in the figure for Space, increasing from about $6m to almost $10m in 2008. Registering at about $3m in 1980, national budget was spent on science projects saw a small rise to $5m in 2000 before levelling off till the end of the period.
  • $5m was consistently allocated on Energy projects in US from 1980 to 1992, with a subsequent fluctuation in the range from $5m to 8% and a final uptrend about a $7m in 2002. In the meantime, the annual national budget spent on other projects decreased from about $7m in 1980 to $5m before fluctuating in the range from $5m to $7.5m from 1988 onwards

The graph below gives information about us government spending on research between 1980 and 2008